over one year.

so it's been over a year since i last posted on my blog, been much to long. i'm going to try and be more consistent with it nowadays. so this entry will be an updated/brain-dump.

-the last year has consisted, of college (which i am now taking a couple semesters off) and working a LOT. i have traveled a lot of the usa. i love traveling. i have been to, upstate new york, chicago, cincinnati, indianapolis, little rock, st louis, and many small towns in between. i've met some interesting people, i usually work with sororities (the company i work for provides a way for them to fundraise money, which they are required to do). sorority girls are an interesting kind. but i like them, i guess.

-i've been practicing photography a lot, i'll start posting photos here.

-went to italy with the family this summer, best time ever, i'll post some of my fav photos from that trip.

well can't think of much more, but here we gooo!


back in action

home once again, well been home for a week now, but good to be home.

i feel like a lot has happened in the last week, but yet, nothing really has.

i move out in ONE week! counting down the days. soooo excited. mom has been so great with helping me to know what i'm going to need. we've gone out and bought a new duvet cover for my bed, and iron, ironing board, kitchenware, pots, pans, etc. woo!

i've decided i love milk duds. yum. i bought a box, took them to the drive in and they tasted like the box. eww. but i left them in my car tuesday allllll day, they melted into one big milk dud. i broke them apart. just delicious.

i've gone swimming a ton. maybe too much?

trying to find a part time job. i'm wanting to work at the graphic design department at UVU. i have a friend that works there, i'd be an intern. i really want it. graphic design is my major... fyi. i'll be SO pumped if i get it!

i went to the clap your hands say yeah concert last night. it was a blast. went with my new friend, brooks, she's a funnnn girl. delta spirit opened, they are just grand. i saw them a few months ago when they opened for matt costa.

didn't ever blog about this, but i finally got a new phone a couple weeks ago, my old phone was a brick, but could withstand anything. i bought a nokia, didn't know if i'd like it, i LOVE it. it plays music quite loud, and i just love it.

my new music obsessions are Free Fallin'-the live cover by John Mayer. i've listened to it at least 50 times today. i've also been obsessed with the MGMT album. i also have this weird thing for Chris Brown. i lovvvve him! :)


2 A.M.

it is now 2 a.m. and i'm not in bed. we are leaving to canada at 5! yikes. oh well.
last two days have consisted of, working allllll day, then going to a concert, dancing, and spending time with awesome friends. love it.

the faint concert-great. it wasn't "life changing" as bryce called it. but it was good, a good concert.

isaac russell-SO great. SO great. he's just talented. he opened so didn't get to hear much. but if you haven't heard him, you must. www.myspace.com/rurumusic.

tomorrow it's off to canada, my ipod is dead, gotta charge it, or i might die without my led zeppelin and csny (both of which are favorites, but been listening to a lot as of late).

won't have phone service, just going to be hangin in beautiful british colombia with the family, i'm really so excited! see you all in eight days!



so over the course of the next few months i will be attending some great performances put on by music artists that i truly enjoy on a daily basis.

tonight the faint, then an after party d-jayed by the faint and hosted by a boy i know.


tomorrow night isaac russell. local young fella (16), absolutely talented.


august 21st clap your hands say yeah. freeee concert downtown.


august 28th broken social scene. another free concert downtown!


september 3rd ratatat.


september 15th CSS. an awesome brazilian band!


this is the most i think i'm most excited for yet...

october 25th YELLE. a french pop artist. SO COOL.


i think there will be more, but this is it for now. what a fun fall i have ahead of me.


done, and done.

so i quit my job at icon security. boy am i glad to be outta there!

i really liked everyone i worked with, but the job was really hard on me, dealing with upset customers EVERY SINGLE PHONE CALL. don't even worry. it's very mentally wearing.

just a warning to ever person i care about, don't open your doors to door to door salesmen, and PLEASE read every contract you sign... hahaha! that's what i deal with everyday!


dad has offered me a full time job for the month of august, and i'm in the process of finding a new job for when school starts. i'm looking into a job working at the graphic design department at uvu. but we'll see bout that.

going to canada with the family this weekend for a family reunion, friday, saturday, and sunday. monday we go to lake shuswap! yes! seriously the most amazing lake i have ever been to.



my brother has joined the bloggin world! yes!

this was my blog for when i was living in ecuador, but i'm now back into life, and back to reality. so i'm changing, aight? coo.

life in the last two months since i have been home has consisted of working, and traveling. i went to paris and london with the fam, then went to new york to visit my brother who's living there for the summer for an internship.

i've been working two jobs, one, icon security, and two, m3 research (my dad's company). it's all been keeping me busy and i've still found time for play. this last thursday i went to a free concert in salt lake at the gallivan center and saw the cool kids. mikey, one of the rappers, SO HAWT.


i'm gangsta.


liz and i were taking pictures of ourselves.


hillary, me, brooks.


coooooooool kids




hey baby boi wit da mullet.


MIKEY be ma boooo.


post script

my camera got stolen a couple weeks ago, so i don't have anything amazing to share.


but i'm getting pictures from all the other girls.